At the Lappan Agency, we take the upmost pride in designing insurance solutions to protect your assets, family and peace of mind.   We recognize the importance of properly protecting your vehicles, home, family, health and business.  We offer the broadest range of insurance products in Northeastern Michigan to find the ideal program for your needs.   Your well being is our top priority and we’ve been following that philosophy since 1931.

Property and Casualty

In insurance terms, property casualty insurance can also be called property liability insurance. Whatever you call it, what it does is help protect you against financial losses that come as a result of being held legally liable for an accident that causes damage to another person or another person’s belongings. It may help you pay for a person’s injuries or any legal costs you incur as a result of the person being injured on your property due to your negligence. This kind of insurance comes mostly into play with auto, homeowners and even renters insurance.

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