At Lappan Agency, we consider ourselves a family business. Not only because our quality, service-oriented agency is owned and operated by a family, but because our culture is about treating our team and our customers like family. Over the years we have worked diligently to build a strong team of dedicated insurance professionals, all with a common goal – to protect our clients from the unexpected. Each of our team members brings knowledge, a high-level of expertise, years of experience and most importantly a dedication to be a true partner to our clients.

Whether you are interested in protecting your vehicles, your home, your business or your life, Lappan Agency team has the expertise and service you can count on.

Meet Our Insurance Professionals

  • Steven A. Lappan
    Steven A. Lappan Consultant / Account Executive

    (989) 354-7175

  • John A. Lappan
    John A. Lappan V.P. of Business Development / Account Executive

    (989) 354-7161

  • Luciana Zolnierek-King
    Luciana Zolnierek-King V.P. of Operations, Account Executive

    (989) 354-7176

  • Quintin Meek
    Quintin Meek Commercial Account Executive

    (989) 354-7186

  • Deborah Kaiser
    Deborah Kaiser Account Executive

    (989) 354-7182

  • Stacy Arquette
    Stacy Arquette Account Executive

    (989) 354-7168

  • Jennifer Walker
    Jennifer Walker Benefits, Account Executive

    (989) 354-7189

  • Rachel Phillips
    Rachel Phillips Senior Commercial Lines Customer Service Agent

    (989) 354-7169

  • Jeanine Brink
    Jeanine Brink Commercial Insurance Customer Service Agent

    (989) 354-7181

  • Betty DuRocher
    Betty DuRocher Commercial Customer Service

    (989) 354-7178

  • Theresa Barnard
    Theresa Barnard Customer Service Agent

    (989) 354-7166

  • Linda Kelley
    Linda Kelley Personal Lines Customer Service Agent

    (989) 354-7165

  • Sara Wierzbicki
    Sara Wierzbicki Personal Lines Customer Service Agent

    (989) 354-7177

  • Annah Schlegel
    Annah Schlegel Personal Lines Customer Service Agent

    (989) 354-7172

  • Cynthia Morris
    Cynthia Morris Receptionist

    (989) 354-3185

  • Carrie Collins
    Carrie Collins Accounting Associate

    (989) 354-3185

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